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Visitors appreciate the colorful program for young and old as well as the maritime flair of the events.

Visitors appreciate the colorful program for young and old as well as the maritime flair of the events.

This rodent is also native to Africa and is around 20 centimeters long. He also lives underground in cave systems, but has fur.

A hamster in the cave at Osnabrück Zoo. (Photo: AP)

Rats hop through canals

A few meters further a field hamster crawls in its cave, which it is allowed to inhabit alone because the species is known to be solitary. In a glass enclosure, rats eat in a medieval sewer that the designer Detlev Gehrs created along with the cellar ruins based on the model of an excavation site in Osnabrück.

70 animals plus four kilos of earthworms

"In total we have around ten species here – native and exotic" explains the zoo district manager Oliver Schüler. This includes earth bumblebees, field mice and prairie dogs. If he adds up the menagerie in the 500 square meter zoo underneath the zoo, he comes to about 70 animals plus four kilograms of earthworms, which are walking their corridors through dark, damp earth in front of the visitors. The zoo can only imitate a natural soil and seasons to a limited extent: happiness for the visitors, because there is no extensive hibernation.

Radio calms naked mole rats

In this country, moles are the most famous animals that dig underground. The animal shovel excavators are not there in the new enclosure when it opens. "The animals are very sensitive, the excitement should have subsided here before we settle them, says Schüler. Media support was sufficient to reassure those who were already present. "During the construction period, I always turned the radio on to the sensitive nude mole rats" tells the zoo district manager.

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Events like that "Kiel Week" or "Baltic Sea in flames" are known beyond the borders of northern Germany. Visitors appreciate the colorful program for young and old as well as the maritime flair of the events.

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A summer full of lights: Baltic Sea events

If you want to go to the Baltic Sea in summer, you should time your vacation so that you can attend at least one of the numerous events. Because in the main season, the coastal region does not spoil: Concerts, regattas or folk festivals, especially the Kiel Week – the whole family can experience something here.

June / July: Kiel Week, Warnemünde and Travemünde Week

Almost all Baltic seaside resorts are presented in the best light during the high season. Kiel, for example, has set a real monument for itself with the Kiel Week. In June, visitors from all over northern Germany flock to the city to indulge in sailing for nine days, to enjoy the maritime atmosphere and life. After the Kiel Week, the Warnemünde Week takes place at the beginning of July and the Travemünde Week at the end of July, which also come up with many colorful events.

August: In Grömitz the Baltic Sea is on fire

Especially Grömitz is worth a trip in summer. As part of the summer of lights, various events take place here: fire and laser shows, light concerts, lounge nights and fireworks make the eyes of the visitors light up brightly.

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The event is very popular "Baltic Sea in flames". The event is a real highlight in the truest sense of the word – for both Baltic Sea holidaymakers and locals from Grömitz – and is the crowning glory of the summer events. It starts with a family program and children’s party in the afternoon, followed by various live acts in the early evening. If the big fireworks are set off shortly before midnight, the Baltic Sea will be on fire – at least apparently.

It should be fresh, clear and pure – you actually want to do something good for your body with natural mineral water. Few think about dirt in the water. The administrative court of Baden-Württemberg has now decided: A little dirt is allowed and "Naturally" does not mean absolutely pure – at least with mineral water. At least that is true as long as people are not harmed.

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"Natural mineral water" doesn’t have to be pure

On "natural mineral water" does not have to be absolutely pure. The bid "original purity" the nationwide mineral and table water ordinance "does not require the absolute absence of pollutants" decided the administrative court of Baden-Württemberg (VGH) in a judgment published on Thursday.

This meant that the state of Baden-Württemberg, which wanted to refuse approval for five mineral springs, because degradation products of pesticides had been detected there. But because these are not harmful to health and there are no limit values ​​in the Mineral Water Ordinance, the VGH recognized the non-approval as a violation of the freedom of occupation.

Plant protection residues in the mineral water

Appeals by the state of Baden-Württemberg against judgments by the Stuttgart Administrative Court were therefore unsuccessful. The Stuttgart court had repealed the revocations of state recognitions. The plant protection residues were found in the well water of the springs by five mineral water companies. The regional council of Stuttgart therefore wanted to close the sources.

There are only guidelines

From the point of view of the VGH, a law is necessary for such quality requirements that interfere in such a way with the freedom of occupation. The one drawn from the country "Orientation value" for pesticides and pharmaceuticals of 0.05 micrograms per liter is only stipulated in an internal administrative regulation. This does not replace the necessary legal regulation. Revocation would also have threatened damage to the state, the general public or important common goods – which is not the case here. Health and consumer protection or the protection of fair trade do not require the absolute purity of a "natural mineral water".

The retail chain Netto Marken-Discount and the sausage manufacturer Steinemann are calling the "Delicatessen chives liver sausage" back. A particular batch of the product could be contaminated with Listeria.

Products with the best before date September 18, 2016 and batch number 033016115 are affected, according to a statement from Steinemann. Consumers can find this information on the back of the packaging.

Netto customers are reimbursed the sales price

"The product was offered regionally at Netto Marken-Discount in parts of Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia" the manufacturer informs. It has since been taken off the market.

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Affected Netto customers should not eat the liver sausage, but rather bring it back to their Netto branch. The purchase price will also be reimbursed without presenting the receipt.

Toothpaste, deodorant and dishwashing detergent: for most of the products that accompany our everyday lives, the selection on the shelves is as great as the price differences. But is expensive better https://topadultreview.com/asian-brides/? Often not, as the test results from Stiftung Warentest repeatedly show.

Many cheap products score with good quality. You just have to know where to access it. The testers from Stiftung Warentest recently examined toothpastes. The cheapest product in the test scored with one "Very good" from: The toothpaste "Dentalux Complex 3 Herbs Fresh" from Lidl. It costs just 36 cents per 100 milliliters.

Toothpaste: Very good quality for less than 60 cents

The test winner, the "K-Classic Multicare +" from Kaufland is available for 52 cents per 100 milliliters and, according to the testers, not only offers optimal caries protection, but also removes dental plaque particularly thoroughly. In addition to caries prophylaxis and the removal of plaque and discoloration, it was particularly important to the testers that the toothpaste contains fluoride. It has been scientifically proven that the mineral protects teeth from tooth decay, the statement said. Fluoride helps restore minerals to the teeth and make them more resistant to acids and bacteria.

You can find the complete test result in the September issue of the magazine "test".

Dishwashing detergent: Inexpensive powder from Rossmann test winner

The dishwashing detergent test also showed that good quality does not have to be expensive. That was the winner "Domol Dishwasher Powder Classic" of the drugstore chain Rossmann. The powder washes with just four cents per wash "very good". The product, which is also the cheapest in the test, does not contain any environmentally critical phosphates. These are difficult to filter out by sewage treatment plants and promote algae growth in water bodies.

According to the testers, the quality of the ingredients as well as the composition of the detergent are important for the dishes to be really clean. The most important here are softeners, which prevent limescale build-up on dishes; Bleaches that remove stains such as tar stains; Dirt removers that loosen fats, proteins and starches as well as material protectors that prevent cloudiness.

You can read the full test result in the August issue of the magazine "test".

Bathroom cleaner: cheap is good too

With bathroom cleaners, too, inexpensive products won the cleaning competition. First place among the power cleaners was taken by the "Good & Inexpensive power cleaner" from Edeka for around 27 cents per 100 milliliters. Likewise "Good" cut the "W5 Power Cleaner Maxx Power" from Lidl and ended up in second place. It is also available for 27 cents. Both products removed even stubborn limescale stains.

But it also works without chemicals: According to the testers, a few drops of diluted lemon juice or vinegar also help to loosen unsightly limescale. To prevent the white deposits from appearing in the first place, Stiftung Warentest recommends using a squeegee with a rubber lip after showering and wiping off any remaining moisture with a soft cloth.

You can find the complete test result in the March issue of the magazine "test".

Male deodorants: Good protection from 43 cents

Consumers do not have to dig deep into their wallets for good protection against sweat odor and armpit wetness. So take care of the two antiperspirants "Cien Men Antiperspirant Sport 48h" from Lidl as well "Balea Men Fresh deodorant spray anti-perspirant" from dm for 43 cents per 100 milliliters for one "good" Protection under the arms.

However, both sprays contain aluminum salts, which narrow the pores and thus inhibit perspiration. According to Stiftung Warentest, those who want to do without it should refer to the names "Aluminum chlorohydrate" and "Aluminum sesquichlorohydrate" respect, think highly of.