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11 Best Woocommerce Crm Options For Efficient WordPress Stores

Engagebay provides a full set of tools for growing your enterprise, startup, or small business. It combines features to help you with sales, marketing, and customer service into one centralized platform.

Active Campaign starts at $9/month for up to 500 contacts and offers a free demo. A few cons to be noted about this software are a complex and clumsy interface, complete shut-outs during updates, and difficulty importing/exporting client lists. Plus, they have additional options through a variety of API Helpers like Zapier, Apiant, and WebMerge. Lucrativ offers the fewest publicly acknowledged 3rd-party connections on this list, which lost them some point in the Integrations category of the evaluation criteria. Their REST API offers hope but requires significantly more technical skill to navigate. Lucrativ – Communication tracking tools like an integrated dialer, SMS, and calendar that can be operated through desktop and mobile apps. One con of this software to watch out for is the mobile application, which has some difficulties when it comes to design and usability and requires extensive customization to be useful.

Zaius Activated Customer Data Platform

It’s designed to make your WooCommerce analytics run smoothly without any painful integrations. There are three separate plans that give access to different tools, each building on the previous one. There are no limits on users, traffic, data, or emails on any of the plans. Personalization can make or break a customer’s relationship with your business. Arguably the most unique feature of Zoho CRM is Zia, their proprietary AI-powered sales assistant. Zia can locate any information that you need from your CRM data at your request, using conversational prompts akin to Siri or Google Assistant. Of course, this feature infers that their real-time reports and insights features are also advanced, which you can access on your own without the need for Zia.

Is HubSpot actually free?

HubSpot’s free CRM is not a trial. You don’t need to put your credit card in to start using the system. The CRM is 100% free, and you can continue to use it forever. You’ll be able to add up to 1,000,000 contacts, as well as unlimited users.

Their primary solution for the e-commerce sector is called SalesforceIQ. Integrating E-commerce with CRM improves the customer experience in a variety of ways.


Most users like TradeGecko because it’s easy to use and it centralizes ecommerce information in one place. A few minor bugs, the occasional glitch, and a few users wanting additional features are reasons behind some negative reviews. $39 per month is the starting price for TradeGecko, which increases to $199 per month. Within each tier, pricing can increase based on the number of monthly sales. While more robust enterprise-level plans are available, the best for small ecommerce companies are the Founder, Lite, and Small Business plans.

This will ensure that you pull up data about a customer in a jiffy and even provide quick turnarounds on resolving issues. The first step to do this would be to classify buyers who are more likely to purchase from your website.

Is Customer Relationship Management Worth The Investment In Ecommerce?

Agile CRM is missing both inventory and shipping management, which are essential tools for running an ecommerce business. If it’s important for you to have these tools as part of your ecommerce CRM platform, consider TradeGecko or BigCommerce. Agile CRM is compliant with GDPR and offers many features that align with its requirements, including double opt-in tools and consent for cookies. It also hosts crm ecommerce your data on Google and Amazon cloud services, which are also GDPR-compliant. Other third parties Agile CRM works with adhere to high security standards. The Enterprise plan features unlimited contacts and enterprise-level support in the form of a dedicated account rep and onboard coaching. This is the ideal plan for ecommerce businesses wanting to get up and running quickly with additional support.

crm ecommerce

The resulting action from the business should be straightforward from then on. There is power in CRM, and all of it depends on how smart you go about the data lying in front of you. Smarter data is more like it these days and very likely in the future, too. So going back to that abandoned cart, perhaps crm ecommerce there’s that one feature about the product that he or she is still missing , and now you know from their social media posts just what that is. Revamp CRM could also get busy with your ad campaigns across multiple channels, getting you all the decisive information to build your growth on.

Tradegecko Tiered Features

A chatbot can become a comfortable tool for your customers to resolve simple queries (e.g., checking delivery status), while simultaneously decreasing your customer service costs up to 30%. The chatbot uses CRM customer data (name, area, etc.) to provide a personalized experience and may transfer the chat to real agents if the query can’t be resolved automatically.

Our clients have managed response time much better than that through our Social Media Integrations. Moreover, you can also leverage the powerful tools that different CRMs provide to their customers. For example, for marketing, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a game changer in any eCommerce business. Whatever your timeline, though, getting started with an ECRM trading software development is absolutely the first step to thriving and scaling in the ecommerce industry. The traditional email service providers aren’t able to segment, personalize, and automate like an ECRM, which will ultimately compromise how much you can grow. If a competing store is providing a better, more tailored experience, customers will slowly flock to them instead.

Similarly, ecommerce CRM software enables you to create segments of your clients based on past actions, gender, spending history, interests, and priorities of the clients. This subsequently helps you create a personalized marketing campaign for each segment and improve conversion rates. If you are an online store owner, you must be familiar with the word “e-commerce”. Also, since you are running an ecommerce store, you must have at least some basic familiarity for the CRM .

How Do You Choose The App That Fits Your Store Perfectly?

Just think that you plan to launch a new product which should be targeted to a specific type of customers. How do you know to which category of clients you should send information about this new product? An Ecommerce CRM helps you analyze your customers’ wishes and immediately understand whether they would react positively to a new product launch or not. What is more, based on your customer history, you will also be able to determine what type of products you should launch next. Most probably you think you can use a regular out-of-the-box CRM to manage your Ecommerce customers. These CRMs rely on sales reps to log information for each customer. Therefore, CRM helps you have an overview of your business operations and helps you also determine potential sales opportunities.

You will have access to valuable data on existing and potential customers anytime you want, at one click distance. This can be translated in an increased productivity which automatically brings increased sales. Thus, you are able to bring again on the market some very popular products or create new ones which meet your customers’ expectations in terms of price and characteristics. This software helps you store relevant data about your current customers as well as prospect information. The greatest thing about it is that all the information is stored in one location.

Hubspot For Ecommerce

With CRM, you can manage everything from invoicing and billing to payment failures. Keep your eyes peeled for blog updates straight from us to your email. Get ecommerce tips, news, tactics, and fun stuff from us in your inbox every stinkin’ month. You can also embed the coupons or rewards anywhere—add them to your website, custom Facebook tab, social media post, or all of the above. They also act as metrics that can be used to measure the success of your ecommerce CRM strategies. A whopping 70% of shoppers who add items to their shopping cart don’t follow through to the checkout aisle.

ReadyCloud CRM is rocket fuel for customer loyalty and sales in today’s ecommerce world. Zoho CRM is software with a major focus on capturing more leads through better customer relationships. One of Zoho CRM’s strengths is its sales automation features, which include automated lead scoring, workflow automation, and a builder for sales processing rules. Their lead and deal management tools make it easy to capture leads, identify those that will convert, follow up with detailed contact information, close deals, track deal stages, and seize opportunities. HubSpot customers now have a new, HubSpot built integration with ecommerce leader Shopify. When connected you can easily use your online store data to inform every part of your sales and marketing strategy. These features are ideal for budget-conscious ecommerce business owners wanting to use a flexible CRM to manage a growing number of online stores.

Hubspot For Woocommerce

TradeGecko also allows you to set permissions allowing specific people in your company can access your customers’ data. The Small Business plan is excellent for ecommerce entrepreneurs with sales from more than 300 up to 1,000 that needing inventory and order management in one platform. It’s great crm ecommerce if your ecommerce business has expanded into multiple sales channels. This tier’s pricing is lower than Metrilo and BigCommerce’s pricing at this tier. This plan has everything included in Founder with expanded features like 300 sales per month vs 50 sales per month and workflow automation.

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